Fostering Inclusive Memory Practices: Insights from the Holocaust Remembrance and Muslim Belonging Workshop

On June 7, ENCATE brought together professionals at NS-Doku München to explore Muslim belonging and German remembrance practices.

Funding Opportunity: ENCATE Launches Bilateral Exchanges Program

ENCATE invites European nonprofit organizations to apply for support to organize job shadowing exchanges. Job shadowing is a type of learning mobility in which participants gain firsthand experience during a short stay at a host organization.

ENCATE Introduces New Steering Committee

The ENCATE network announced its new Steering Committee following an internal election process to guide the network in 2024-25. As outlined in the announcement, three seasoned members from the previous committee, Ali Amla, Anna Zielińska and Dr. Juliane Wetzel will continue their impactful work, joined by two new members, Murilo Cambruzzi of the CDEC Foundation and Tamas Buchler of the Haver Foundation.

Applications for Current Forms of Antisemitism 2023 Now Accepted

KIgA e.V., the Center for Research on Antisemitism (ZfA), and ENCATE call for applications of European educators to the blended course “Current Forms of Antisemitism.”

The Intersection of Queerphobia and Antisemitism

Daniel Heller discussed the challenges faced by Queer Jewish people in different contexts in our 26th Lunch Talk.

Echos of Reflexivity: A Regional Workshop in Barcelona

On April 28th, CEJI and ENCATE held a regional workshop in Barcelona called “Echoes of Reflexivity.” The event generated lively discussions among participants from Jewish organizations and groups working to combat antisemitism.

White Jews: An Intersectional Approach

David Schraub brings to light the complex relationship between Jewishness and whiteness in our 25th Lunch Talk.

CfA: Current Forms of Antisemitism 2022

KIgA e.V., the Center for Research on Antisemitism (ZfA), and ENCATE call for applications of European educators to the hybrid course “Current Forms of Antisemitism.”

ENCATE report maps the fight against antisemitism in Visegrad

ENCATE today published a mapping report that presents an overview of educational policies and practices addressing antisemitism. in the Visegrad Group countries. The report intends to help practitioners and policymakers understand the status quo and coordinate their response.

ENCATE members elect the Steering Committee

European Network for Countering Antisemitism through Education (ENCATE) called for nominations for the Steering Committee.