Echos of Reflexivity: A Regional Workshop in Barcelona

On April 28th, CEJI and ENCATE held a regional workshop in Barcelona called “Echoes of Reflexivity.” The event generated lively discussions among participants from Jewish organizations and groups working to combat antisemitism.

Barcelona, April 28, 2023 — The workshop was held at Casa Adret, Barcelona’s oldest residence, and a hub for promoting and celebrating Jewish culture. Representatives from the city hall, Spanish, and Catalonian governments also participated. The workshop’s primary objective was to explore ways of combating antisemitism through education and culture. Participants exchanged successful strategies and identified areas for improvement to serve the diverse Jewish communities better.

Some of the panelists in the sessions included Federico Szarfer, Project Manager at the AEPJ, who presented the European Days of Jewish Culture (EDJC); Piotr Kwapisiwicz, President of the Jewish Association Czulent; Felix Klepzig, FAB-Brandenburg Technical Expert in Antisemitism; Jose Daniel Pelayo, Technical Advisor at the Subdirectorate-General for Religious Liberty; and Nuria Serra i Busquets, Head of the Department of Interculturality and Religious Pluralism at the Barcelona City Council. The seminar also featured a presentation by Pascale Falek, Political Officer at the European Commission, on the Commission’s strategy to combat antisemitism and promote Jewish life. Other panelists included Moishe House managers Igal Etenberg and Albert Oliveres, Brian Blacher from SHOA BCN, and FEJJE activist Lara Gutman. 

We are excited to have offered a space where Jewish communities in Barcelona and Spain can express their concerns and propose solutions.

Visuals: © KIgA e.V.