ENCATE is a civil society network that aims to address contemporary antisemitism through education. The members are European nonprofits educating society about/against contemporary and historical aspects of antisemitism.

Our theory of change is to empower civil society by providing them with

  • a platform of co-learning and exchange for acquiring knowledge and educational skills, developing the capacities of their teams and exploring new solutions and inspiration for their everyday work;
  • an umbrella structure that is leveraged to improve communication and cooperation with policymakers and high-level stakeholders and to obtain recognition and new resources.

In the same vein, ENCATE is a vital partner for governments, civic actors, and international organizations because it will convey hands-on experience and everyday needs in the educational work countering antisemitism.

ENCATE acknowledges the relevant past and current work of Jewish organizations and communities as well as of international institutions, networks, and NGOs as a frame of reference. Our work strives to be complementary and to add value to the field.

ENCATE adopts and uses the IHRA’s working definition of antisemitism including annexed examples

Member Organizations