An antisemitism prevention network emerging

As of 2020, ENCATE will start to accept official members and continue to amplify its activities.

European Network for Countering Antisemitism through Education (ENCATE) organized its first Network Meeting between October 23 and 25, 2019. As KIgA, the initiator of the Network, we hosted the representatives of 20 civil society organizations from 13 European countries in Berlin. All of the organization have effective educational programs against antisemitism.

ENCATE meeting Berlin 2019

The meeting was a sound start for laying the groundwork of the developing network. ENCATE targets strengthening the capacity and visibility of civil society organizations that educate society at the grassroots level against antisemitism. The Network is at the moment financed by the German Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), and supported by the USHMM as regards content and resources.

Participating Organizations

Austria: Muslimische Jugend Österreich
Belgium: CEJI
France: Maison d’Izieu
Germany: Anne Frank Zentrum
Germany: Competence Center for Prevention and Empowerment
Germany: Humanity in Action
Germany: KIgA e.V.
Hungary: Haver Foundation
Hungary: Zachor Foundation for Social Remembrance
Ireland: Holocaust Education Trust Ireland
The Netherlands: Diversion
Poland: Jewish Association Czulent
Poland: POLIN Museum
Serbia: Terraforming
Sweden: Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism
Switzerland: World Jewish Congress
Turkey: SEHAK
United Kingdom: Solutions not Sides
United Kingdom: The Anne Frank Trust

As of 2020, the Network will start to accept official members and continue to amplify its resources and will be in close cooperation with international organizations and other relevant actors.

The meeting started with having a glimpse of each other’s work and listening to a presentation on ENCATE. It was exciting to see so many actors working with different target groups and methodologies, yet aiming one common thing, countering antisemitism and other forms of discrimination.

The next day, the experts mapped the problem of antisemitism by discussing its manifestations, influences on different groups, and pedagogical responses. The day continued with the parallel workshops exploring some practices from Diversion, Holocaust Education Trust Ireland, Anne Frank Trust UK, and Zachor Foundation. This day ended with a reflection session about the hitherto discussed issues.

On the last day, the educational organizations created a common timeline for 12 months, where they share the relevant activities of the Network and the participating organizations and major international milestones. Through the timeline activity, the participants could see the overlapping actions and cooperation possibilities, get inspirations about future synergies.

Finally, we conducted a concluding session, in which the potential members of the Network made recommendations and planned some action points for the Network. Most organizations expressed their enthusiasm for taking part in the Network and shared their remarks about the meeting and ENCATE.

We share our gratitude with all participants and supporters for making this meeting possible.


Emrah Gürsel
Head of International Partnerships at KIgA e.V.