Call for Applications: Current Forms of Antisemitism Certificate Program 2022

We call for applications of European educators to the certificate training course “Current Forms of Antisemitism.”

Berlin, August 29, 2022KIgA e.V., the Center for Research on Antisemitism (ZfA), and ENCATE call for applications of European educators to apply for the certificate training course “Current Forms of Antisemitism.” Interested candidates are required to send their filled application form and curriculum vitae to encate(at) by October 1, 2022. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Please read the program contents and requirements before applying. 

Program Description

Through the education program, Current Forms of Antisemitism, participants will 

  • attain in-depth knowledge about the phenomenon of antisemitism in its different manifestations,  
  • learn about present discussions and debates in academia and beyond,  
  • gain competencies in identifying different manifestations of antisemitism.  

This is a hybrid course consisting of an in-person seminar in Berlin and a 7-week online component. The instructors are selected from distinguished academic institutions (see below). 

The course language is English. Finally, the course is free of charge, and  the costs for travel, accommodation and food in the kick-off seminar will be covered.

Program Requirements

In order to successfully complete the course, the participants are expected

  • to attend the in-person Kick-off Seminar on October 19-21;
  • complete at least 70% of the tasks in the online part from October 24 to December 9,
    • attending webinars,
    • making the required readings, and
    • participating in online discussions.


  • Introduction: definition and current issues of antisemitism
  • Anti-Judaism and antisemitic tropes
  • Antisemitism on the left
  • Holocaust distortion and historical revisionism
  • Intersectionality and antisemitism
  • The debate on antisemitism and anti-Zionism
  • Online hate
  • Antisemitism prevention through education
A certificate course on antisemitism for European educators
It is a free-of-charge opportunity for educators and academics to delve into current issues of antisemitism together.

All webinars will be on a Tuesday or Thursday at 16.00–17:30 CEST.

There might be some unforeseen changes in dates or hours.

Dates and Format

U0  October 19-21  Kick-off Seminar (in person)  
Place: Berlin 
Online Webinars:  
U1  October 26
4 – 5.00 pm CET   
Webinar: Anti Judaism and Antisemitic Tropes  
U2  November 1 4 – 5.00 pm CET   
Webinar: Holocaust Distortion and Historical Revisionism  
U3  November 8 4 – 5.00 pm CET   
Webinar: Controversies Around Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism  
U4  November 17  4 – 5.00 pm CET   
Webinar: Toxic Technology and its Uses: Antisemitism Online  
U5  November 24  4 – 5.00 pm CET   
Webinar: Antisemitism on the Left  
U6  December 1  4 – 5.00 pm CET   
Webinar: Intersectionality and Antisemitism  
U7  December 6  4 – 5.30 pm CET  
Workshop: The Role of Education in Addressing Antisemitism  


Academic Coordinator

  • Dr. Juliane Wetzel
    Center for Research on Antisemitism, TU Berlin

Program Coordinator

  • Emrah Gürsel
    Head of International Partnerships, KIgA e.V
  • Avital Lutzky
    Education Officer, KIgA e.V

The program is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.