How We Can Create Safe and Brave Educational Spaces to Discuss Difficult Issues

Many controversial and difficult issues have come up in our social discourse in the last few years, from Brexit to identity politics. Teachers have a responsibility to provide an impartial and safe space for young people to discuss and learn about such issues and make up their own minds, but this is not an easy task when emotions are running high. The first thing that needs to be acknowledged and addressed before a process of listening and exchanging opinions can be undertaken is the strong negative emotion that impedes this process. 

The Intersection of Queerphobia and Antisemitism

Daniel Heller discussed the challenges faced by Queer Jewish people in different contexts in our 26th Lunch Talk.

White Jews: An Intersectional Approach

David Schraub brings to light the complex relationship between Jewishness and whiteness in our 25th Lunch Talk.

Hate speech in European politics

Our 11th ENCATE Lunch Talk was an incredibly informative talk on a subject that concerns us all: hate speech in politics. The talk revolved around the European Liberal Forum´s report “US/THEM Hate Speech at the Service of Politics”

Graphic novels bridge historical narrative with archival evidence

On the 16th of April, we were thrilled to host Milana Meytes, Program Manager at Terraforming, for our ninth Lunch Talk. The Lunch Talk, titled Bridging Historical Narrative with Archival Evidence, dealt with the use of graphic novels as a tool for Holocaust education.

Analysing and addressing antisemitism in Berlin schools

On February 26, we had the pleasure of giving a lunch talk on the topic of “Analysing and adressing antisemitism today. Israel-related antisemitism, conspiracy theories and antisemitic incidents and mindsets at schools.”