Encate Members 2020-09-24


Our mission is strengthening the capacity and visibility of civil society organizations countering antisemitism through education.


We understand education as an essential tool to counter antisemitism.


We connect organizations that have programs in the context of formal,
informal, or non-formal education.


We consider the international institutions and other networks as partners and see our work as complementary.


Study visit to the USHMM

The virtual study visit to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on June 12, 2020 was a special moment for ENCATE. This was the very first activity where we could act together as a single organization, as our just recently formalized network ENCATE. In this interaction with the USHMM, we did not represent just our individual organizations – every time we spoke we spoke for our joint network, too. This just might be one of the main benefits off joining forces in a united network: having the strength of a group while maintaining the identity as a grass-root civil society organizations.

The fact that ENCATE is a multicolored mosaic of independent non governmental member organisations of hands-on practitioners in the field of countering antisemitism, from various parts of Europe with the same, similar and very different experiences, needs and challenges to overcome, however strange it might sound, makes ENCATE actually the first of a kind.

A new network is emerging

European Network – Countering Antisemitism through Education (ENCATE) organized its first Network Meeting between October 23 and 25, 2019, in Berlin. As KIgA, the initiator of the Network, we hosted the representatives of 20 civil society organizations from 13 European countries, which conduct, among many, educational programs against antisemitism.


Anne Frank Trust UK (UK)
Anne Frank Zentrum (Germany)
CEJI (Belgium)
Czulent (Poland)
Haver Foundation (Hungary)
Humanity in Action Germany (Germany)
Jewish Association Czulent (Poland)
KIgA (Germany)
Maison dIzieu (France)
Sehak (Turkey)
Solutions not Sides (UK)
Terraforming (Serbia)