Our mission is strengthening the capacity and visibility of civil society organizations countering antisemitism through education.


We understand education as an essential tool to counter antisemitism.


We connect organizations that have programs in the context of formal,
informal, or non-formal education.


We consider the international institutions and other networks as partners and see our work as complementary.


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ENCATE Members Pay Tribute to the Victims of the Holocaust

It is essential to dignify the victims and reflect upon the evils and perils of hateful ideologies and autocratic regimes. Remembering the Holocaust is still crucial considering the endeavors to distort or trivialize the Holocaust. Some member activities...

Testimonials from the USHMM Study Visit

USHMM-ENCATE Study Visit was a great opportunity to share educational skills and discuss contemporary forms of antisemitism. 14 educators from ENCATE met their collegues from the USHMM between November 4 and 9, 2020.

Reflections on Tackling Prejudice and Polarisation

Understanding and tackling Antisemitism and Islamophobia in relation to the discourse around the topic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - ENCATE Lunch talk on August 28, presented by Sharon Booth, Founder & Director Solutions not Sides.